MSc Thesis - Understanding the hydrological signature in gravity data

Fig. - Clara's annual plot of smbfo-sensors
Fig. - a)uncumulated registration of rain events at BFO [mm] b)cumulated rain events and a modeled runoff over last 100 days at BFO c)gravitational response of runoff-model
airpressure, wind
Fig. - a)measured airpressure inside and outside of the cave b)? c)wind speed d)temperature e)humidity f)cumulated rain events and a modeled runoff over last 7 days at BFO
Fig. - a)detrended measured gravitational signal [nm/s-2] of upper&lower sphere of SG056, b)difference of upper&lower niob-spheres of SG056, c)residuals of upper&lower measurement compared to synthetic model of BFO - chartstepper mode, d)calculated influence of airpressure and hydrologic signal on SG056 - chartstepper mode e)? f)rain fallen at BFO in mm
Fig. - a)does the reduced gravitational signal correlate with precipitaion over last 7 days ? b)are there significant influences coming from airpressure ? c)temperature of last 7 days d)cumulated rain at BFO

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